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These pages best viewed in a CSS capable browser. On RISC OS the only browser qualifying is Netsurf

The pages here contain some images produced using Insignia/TextEffx, the new text effects package from Cerilica. These examples are provided to supplement the review in the April 2002 issue of Archive magazine.

Note: The original commercial Insignia has now been released as freeware, under the name !TextEffx. As of 25 Jan 2010, TextEffx was at version 1.52, and could be downloaded from All references to Insignia in this review must be taken to refer to TextEffx equally.

All the images used here were produced using Insignia/TextEffx. Most images were produced as 24 bit colour jpegs. The titles were produced as 24 bit sprites, and then Intergif was used to convert these sprites to 8 bit interlaced transparent GIFs. The complete set of pages were produced in a few hours spread over a couple of days. The web pages themselves were produced entirely with HTMLEdit, from RComp.

Although Insignia/TextEffx can produce PNGs, with 8 bit alpha channels, this format has not been used here since good old Browse appears to be the only browser (in 2002) on RISC OS that seems to display such images correctly.

I have broken the examples into groupings, to keep the page sizes down. The pages are graphic intensive, but I have tried to keep the size of the images within bounds, so even on typical 33k modems, download times will not be excessive. These pages are best viewed in 32k or better still, 16M colour modes.

At the foot of each page there is a block of navigation icons, as shown below, allowing you to simply go on to the next page, or jump to a partcular page of interest.

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