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A cpu clock speed manager for recent native hardware such as OMAP3, OMAP4, OMAP5

What is CPUClock?

CPUClock allows you to monitor the fast and slow CPU speed settings and to change these settings. It gives a readout of the 'current' CPU speed (updated every second) as the OS switches between 'Fast' and 'Slow', depending on the processor loading. The latest version directly monitors the cpu temperature, and can auto-reduce the clock speed if the temperature rises too much under high load.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesCPUClock has been tested successfully on OMAP3, OMAP4, OMAP5, Titanium, and RaPi.

Note that CPUClock is only of use on the BeagleBoard, PandaBoard and similar modern hardware. It will not run on older hardware.

There is also an alternative implementation of CPUClock. This version is a configure tool and will appear in the configure tool window when $.!Boot is double clicked. It will allow the 'Fast' (and 'Slow' if you are so inclined) speed to be set, and the setting will be retained over a reboot/reset/power cycle. This version does not show the 'instantaneous' cpu speed as it switches between fast and slow, as does the full app.


Version 2

This is the latest version, in which the core functionality is now in the CPUClock module. This means the cpu temperature monitoring and auto- regulation of cpu clock speed will continue in the background even if the wimp enters a non-multi-tasking mode.

This version requires RISC OS 5 later than Jan 10th 2016, preferably later than Mar 10th 2016.

Download CPUClock, Versions: Front end 2.09 (24 Apr 2021), Module 0.10 (24 Apr 2021), Zip file size: 400 kB

This version runs on OMAP3, OMAP4, OMAP5, IGEPv5, RaspberryPi (later models), iMX6 and Titanium hardware.

The main changes in version 2.09 are

The main changes in version 2.08 are

The main changes in version 2.07 are

The main changes in version 2.06 are

Version 1.10

This version can be used with versions of RISC OS prior to Jan 2016. It integrates with the application CPUTmpMon (which reads the CPU die temperature), to allow the CPU speed to be moderated automatically if the CPU temperature rises above a preset level (user choice). Different versions of CPUTmpMon, which are required for different hardware, are supplied within CPUClock, and the correct version should be run by CPUClock automatically.

This version should run on OMAP3, OMAP4, iMX6, and IGEPv5 hardware.

Download CPUClock, Version: 1.10 (29 Mar 2016), Zip file size: 386 KB

Configure version

You can also download the configure tool version.

Download CPUClock configure tool, Version: 1.0 (04 Sep 2012), Zip file size: 14 KB


All communication about CPUClock should be directed to Chris Johnson ( Suggestions for new features are always welcome.