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Powerful bitmap image manipulation

What is DPlngScan?

A scanning and bitmap image manipulation application, originally produced and marketed by David Pilling. This latest version is now available as a free download.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesDPlngScan should run on all RISC OS hardware, and under emulation on PC, Mac or Unix.

DPlngScan was originally written by David Pilling, and supplied as the main component of his scanning and image processing software suite. With the agreement and cooperation of David, Chris Johnson has made some updates to DPlngScan, and this latest version is freely available to all. A further consequence of this is that any correspondence about DPlngScan should now be directed to Chris Johnson in the first instance, and not to David.

Download release version

Version 1.30

You can download the DPlngScan application as a zip file

Download DPlngScan, Version: 1.30 (7 Jun 2020), Zip file size: 1.4 MB

See below for a newer alpha test release.

Main changes in version 1.30

Main changes in version 1.29

Main changes between versions 1.28 and 1.26

Download alpha test version

DPlngScan is still under development. A more recent test version is available from here. It is important to remember that these versions have undergone little testing and therefore may be unstable and prone to crashing.

If you do use these test versions and encounter problems, please inform Chris Johnson, including as much detail as possible.

The current test version is revision 28 (17-Aug-2020).

Download DPlngScan, test version, Version: r28 (17 Aug 2020), Zip file size: 1.5 MB

Changes in this version since Version 1.30


All communication about DPlngScan should now be directed to Chris Johnson ( ). Suggestions for new features are always welcome.

Other useful links

David Pilling's web site is at, in particular, the RISC OS section of the site is at