Changes history to version 0.25

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Given below is a summary of all the changes up to ID3TagEd version 0.25.

Version 0.25 (21st Feb 2008)

  • When using Ctrl-Shift-Copy to insert filename into tag, now does 'clean up' by changing _ to space, upper-case first letter each word, and removing file extension, etc. This action is configurable from Choices...
  • Implemented some new keyboard short cuts
    • Ctrl-B to delete text from start to cursor. If Ctrl-Shift-B is used, then the deleted text is saved on the internal clipboard and may be pasted elsewere
    • Ctrl-E to delete text from cursor to end. If Ctrl-Shift-E is used, then the deleted text is saved on the internal clipboard and may be pasted elsewere
    • Ctrl-W is 'Write tag'
    • Ctrl-R is 'Rename tag'
    • Ctrl-N is 'Next tag'
    • Ctrl-P is 'Prev tag'
  • When doing Edit->Upper case first char each word, takes account of (, [, -, ' and ", and then upper cases the next character
  • When a file is dragged in with Ctrl pressed, the file will be typed as AMPEG even if no tag is present. New Choice to switch this behaviour on
  • Improved Rename to check for leading, trailing, and multiple spaces
  • Changed the status field, which was originally two fields, one in each of the v1 tag window and the v2 tag window, to a common field, so that all the status messages can be seen from either tag pane

Version 0.24 (7th Dec 2007)

  • Changed main window to allow the advanced rename pattern to be set without opening the Preferences dialogue
  • Correctly treats a simple case change in the filename (e.g. when a corrected tag is used to rename) by not adding a ~n suffix (RISC OS filer is case insensitive)
  • In batch window, auto edit 'Upper case first char all words' setting for Title was not being remembered when batch window was reopened (fixed)
  • When getting new preferences, now checks that an advanced rename string is present - previously it could have saved a null string as the preference

Version 0.23 (30th June 2007)

  • Much enhanced capability to use the file full pathname to fill the tag, using user-definable pattern matching

Version 0.22 (24th March 2007)

  • Added option to batch process - Clear all field locks at end of batch process
  • Clear locks state is saved and loaded with Batch choices
  • Added menu options to v1 and v2 menus to clear all locks
  • When pasting text into fields, length check was getting it wrong by 1. Fixed
  • Added edit option - swap order of artist names
  • Fixed buffer overflow in Edit>Filename to track title

Version 0.21 (13th June 2006)

  • Improvements to algorithms which detect when a tag has been changed and not saved

Version 0.20 (9th June 2006)

  • Batch processing now includes auto track increment which is independent of any settings in main tag display
  • Batch process now checks for locked fields independently of the tag load process, for which error messages are inhibited during batch. Now checks for (held v1 + write v1) or (held v2 + write v2)
  • Cleaner tidyup after unexpected error during batch process
  • Rename now checks for locked access and sets access as required
  • Batch status now opens at same position as main batch process window
  • Introduced recursion through dragged directories.
  • New choices option to switch recursion on and off
  • Implemented Batch process status window
  • Full recursion in Batch processing

Version 0.13 (23rd February 2006)

  • Rewriting a complete file when creating a new v2 tag or extending an existing one now multitasks
  • Checks for unsaved changes when quit from task manager or as a general ctrl-shift-f12 shutdown
  • Warns if tag contains unsaved changes, and an operation to move to/load another file is initiated.
  • Filename now written in main window title bar. When tag(s) is modilfied, the title bar shows a * at the end of the filename + either/or/both v1 and v2, depending on which tag has been modified.
  • User can now choose to discard all loaded data whenever the main window is closed. A new option in Preferences(Other) to set this action. If set, a 'unsaved changes' warning will be issued if appropriate.
  • Advanced rename format can now be chosen from a popup menu as well as entered directly
  • Added functionality to manage the list of rename format strings
    • add new format strings
    • edit existing strings
    • remove existing strings
  • Strip leading and trailing space(s) when inserting frame data into main window
  • Now deals with files that have protected access.
  • Converted the Preferences dialogue to a dual pane type. This is in anticipation of more user definable parameters.
  • Added some user choice for minimum and maximum number of padding bytes inserted when writing version 2 tags
  • Implemented 'Undelete' frame from full frame info window for a deleted frame.
  • Batch processing changes
    • Batch processing now multitasks
    • When Batch process is started, checks whether the combination of settings are sane e.g. if v1 tag is modified and write v1 is not ticked, then the user is warned
    • Batch processing now has an 'Abort' button to terminate prematurely the Batch processing (does not abort during a file copy if a file is in the process of being rewritten, but aborts when the write is finished)
    • In the Batch process window, the 'Process' button is now treated as a local button, so the Batch window stays open until explicitly closed
    • Added facility to save Batch settings and reload on restart (or on demand)
    • Rename format string can now be set independently in Batch window, separate to that used in main window.
  • Tag edit utilities
    • Swap artist/title
    • Uppercase first letter of each word, lowercase rest of word in any or all of artist, album, or title
    • Uppercase the first letter of the first word, lowercase the rest in either or both of album, or title
    • Process 'The' in any or all of artist, album, or title
      • Remove from start
      • Remove from end
      • Move from end to start
      • Move from start to end
    • Guess artist and title from filename
      • Will attempt to extract a year from (....)
      • Track number from [..]
      • Assumes hyphen separator - between artist name and song title

Version 0.12 (22 Oct 2005)

  • Number of changes to Rename file, to give better resilience, particularly when batch renaming
    • Rename now specifically checks for filename duplication and inserts a ~x (where x=1 - 9) at the end of the filename, and so preempts a filer error. If it still fails at ~9, then it gives up.
    • Rename process now traps * as an illegal filename character
    • Rename of a file now aborts if there is no tag - more important for batch processing if tags have not been inspected before rename is attempted.
    • Rename checks for no change in filename (prevents insertion of ~1 when it should be left alone)
    • Rename checks for a blank leafname
    • In advanced rename, now checks for the presence of .. in the new filename, due to a blank field
  • During Batch operations, warnings are suppressed, over-riding the Choices setting 'Verbose warnings'
  • Adjust clicking on Next or Previous buttons will invert the action, as per RISC OS style guide
  • Now uses TaskCheck (by John Williams) to prevent multiple running, better method than simply using a system variable set and unset by the application.
  • Added button to v2 tag window to open the full frame info window.
  • Improved ID3TagEd internal copy/cut/paste. Now a preference to turn internal copy/cut/paste on or off to allow for OS (or third party module) supporting cut/copy/paste in writable icons - prevents two copies being pasted.

Version 0.11 (16 Sept 2005)

  • Switching between simple and advanced Rename now done from main edit window. Corresponding action is no longer available in the Choices... dialogue
  • Added Reload to Choices... dialogue to revert to 'last saved settings'

Version 0.10

  • Now allows a directory of mp3 files to be dragged to the application

Version 0.09

  • Implemented batch processing

Version 0.08

  • Copy all from v1 to v2 when v1 was empty resulted in garbage in v2 content - fixed 28/5/05
  • Implemented ADJUST click on main tag window buttons reversing the tag object operated on. E.g. with v1 showing, adjust click on 'copy all' will copy v2 into v1, whereas select click will copy v1 into v2. Similarly for the other buttons, e.g. with v1 showing, select click on clear will clear v1 tag, adjust click will clear v2 tag.
  • Advanced rename will now check the directory *above* the files to be renamed, and if the files are already in the correct directories, the directories are not created lower down. In other words, if your default advanced rename uses e.g. artist.album.filename and the file is already in such a path, renaming filename again will *not* result in artist.album.artist.album.filename but the name will remain artist.album.filename, although filename itself may have changed due to a different rule.
  • Removed truncation of long fields and filenames. Paths are currently limited to 1024 chars

Version 0.07

  • Introduced use of rename format string to allow more flexible renaming. This includes the possibility of creating subdirectories in the renaming process
  • Implemented auto increment track for v1 tag as well as v2 tag - this was an oversight from sometime previous
  • Add code to deal with going to 'Prev' track when 'auto increment' is set
  • Implemented stripping leading 'The ' from group names when renaming files (Prefs option)
  • Added a 'Copy all' button to the main window. This allows either copy v1 to v2 or copy v2 to v1 depending on which tag is currently viewing
  • Fixed bug in advanced rename - sometimes the \0 terminator was omitted

Version 0.06

  • !Run file now RMEnsures SaveAs toolbox module
  • Fixed bug causing crash when drag selection contained dirs or invalid files
  • Comment field (V2) not being faded when multiple comments in tag - fixed

Version 0.05

  • Converted the separate v1 and v2 tag windows into panes in a master window, accessed by Radio buttons
  • V1 and V2 tag windows now have a common menu
  • The action buttons in the main window act on whichever tag is being displayed if the actions are different for the two tags e.g. Rename, or write tag
  • Bug fix - file selection loading from 'Large icon' display directory now loads all files, rather than a random selection or none at all
  • Implemented Prev button as well as Next button when a selection is loaded
  • New Choice option, which allows the operation of the Next/Prev buttons to wrap around
  • Closing main window with adjust now opens the file parent directory

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